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An investment online marketplace is a service, the main purpose of which is to collect a large number of financial instruments on one website. This is quite convenient due to the fact that you don’t need to search for the most profitable offers from brokers. After all, all the best deals have already been collected in one place. Today we’ll talk about one of such services.

About the service

Asset Capital Business Inc. (ACB) is an investment online marketplace created to provide investors with a full range of trading and investment services. ACB’s clients have access to a large number of trading instruments with the same commission on each instrument. Previously, the specialists of this company worked under the jurisdiction of the UK and were limited in their ability to provide their clients with the most favorable conditions due to the requirements of ESMA, the European regulator in the securities market. Therefore, according to the founder of Asset Capital Business, Lynn Connell, the only way to avoid this regulation was to register a company in an unregulated territory. Therefore, today Asset Capital Business is a resident of the Marshall Islands and is not subject of European regulators.


The ACB website,, was established on June 2nd, 2015, and is currently fully operational. The platform offers a broad range of services and caters to the needs of diverse clients. As a result, the number of clients continues to increase, and the popularity of ACB as an investment service provider continues to grow. The website has a modern appearance and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the trading experience for its clients. The personal data used during the registration process is subject to the company’s privacy policy, ensuring the confidentiality of its clients’ information.


Asset Capital Business provides its clients with access to the large number of trading instruments after opening an investment account on the service. Traders have the opportunity to trade in the stock, foreign exchange, commodity, commodity, cryptocurrency markets, and some other major financial markets. Flexible leverage, not limited by legal requirements, allows you to make larger transactions with borrowed funds, up to 1: 1000. Trading is carried out using the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal, including its mobile version. It is possible to open a demo account, which allows you to try your hand at trading without the risk of losing your deposit. For inexperienced or too busy traders, there is the possibility of auto-copying deals of more experienced players on the exchange.


Asset Capital Business cooperates with information and analytical agencies, and also has its own analytical center. The company’s analysts daily prepare reviews of the market situation and predict the dynamics of its development. Also, weekly video reviews are published, which are a digest of the most important economic news and their analysis. Also on the Asset Capital Business website there is an “Economic Calendar”. This is a tool for conducting fundamental market analysis on your own. The service broadcasts the most relevant news of the world economy in real time.

Investing with Asset Capital Business

The АСВ specialists provide you with investment consulting services. They can help you in developing your investment strategy and selection of instruments for an investment portfolio. It is also possible to invest in ready-made asset portfolios. Portfolio investment is one of the safest and most profitable ways to invest money. Also, ACB’s specialists perform the functions of trustees.


Asset Capital Business is a service that brings together the best offers from different investment service providers on a single platform. Asset Capital Business provides its clients with a wide range of trading tools, analytical materials from professional analysts, investment consulting services and social trading opportunities. Asset Capital Business was named the UK’s fastest growing broker this year by Finance Derivative magazine.

Withdrawing money from Asset capital business inc (ACB)

Asset Capital Business Inc (ACB) provides multiple options for its clients to withdraw their funds. The process of withdrawing money starts with the decision to make a profit, which is why customers open deposits and engage in trading activities. ACB strives to offer optimal trading conditions, but ultimately, the success of trading depends on the trader’s actions. The company duly warns its clients about the inherent risks involved in trading.
Withdrawing funds is a crucial concern for clients, and ACB offers several ways to do so, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Tether, and bank wire. The privacy policy of clients is highly valued and respected by the broker.


  • Official website:
  • Legal entity: Asset capital business inc (ACB)
  • Official website:
  • Phone : +44 203 9666600
  • OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, Mh96960

12 thoughts on “Asset Capital Business

  1. This is a financial marketplace with a whale of tools including 600 currency pairs which I prefer. I have to pay the platform’s commission amounting to $5 and there are no other expenses. This Feb I tried stocks. My deal was the CK Hutchison’s share purchase. The return was about 2%. The term was a month. Perfectly well.

  2. Funding the account here is easy and withdrawal is quite fast. I usually use Visa. The only limit is the amount of a transfer. It is $5,000. But I am not a deep pocket. Commonly open deals totaling to $10,000 –  $20,000, that is why it’s no bother.

  3. I’d not use them if a time horizon is short. The analytics on this site is quite poor and I can count on my skills only when I make a decision as to investing. Also, I do not understand how they protect my account. I have not found any information of their safety measures.

  4. It is ridiculous! They have so many stocks and only three or four metals. The market is much more wider. I wish to have more assets of this category to choose from. The same story is about their commodities. They do not have lots of products which are worthy to invest in. Well, this is annoying. I will not open an account on this platform!

  5. Why!? They have the wealth management for those who want to be sure making their investment decisions for long periods. And the advanced analytic is available if you are registered. I’m completely satisfied with their information support. Yes, I’m involved in stock exchange. There are so many stocks! I can enjoy thousands of CFD. They give no cause to complaint! I like Asset Capital Business.

  6. I’ve heard that users say that ACB has a huge number of tools. I’d call it in question. As to me, I’m not satisfied with the offer. I prefer commodities. On this platform, the category is introduced in the poorest range possible. Also, I’d mention the fact that they do not provide any analysis tools. Yes, you can find them in MT5, but most marketplaces develop their own specifically designed tools.

  7. I do not recommend ACB, as there are no reasons for doing it. I cannot say that they are fraud or something like that. On the contrary, I believe they are safe and legal, but the offer is very ordinary. It might be good five years ago, but now it is underwhelming. And another point is that I know nothing about the company providing the services, about its reputation. I do not know whether it is financially stable or it suffers difficulties… I’ve found reviews over the Internet, but there are no signs of their activities and recognition in the industry.

    1. Why are people looking for something special instead of choosing something just of high quality? ACB provides access to a wide range of assets and favorable trading conditions. Yes, they are not the only service provider at the market. You are welcome to join someone else. Thanks God, we all have liberty of choice. But this very platform is convenient and safe, with over 600 currency pairs – the option I’m interested in. So, why should I spend my time on looking for the alternative?

  8. This is one of the most comprehensive and convenient marketplaces I’ve ever tried. Still, I have to quit it because they do not offer a proper choice of commodities and the available payment options are not the best for me. As to all other issues, they are very good. The choice of assets from the rest of categories is diverse and numerous. There are over 3000 stocks. Also, the offer of indices is cool. I’d recommend this option for well-balanced strategies.

  9. I’m buying stocks here. The marketplace is rather convenient. They provide access to numerous assets from all categories I can imagine. But still I use only securities as I understand the macroeconomics and can do research to make forecasts. Also, Asset Capital Business offers helpful analitics with market analysis.

  10. ACB is a reliable investment marketplace. Thanks to them I have found the Copydeal service. It is cool. Here are demo and live accounts. I can join ay signal provider and earn without doing research of the market and analyzing the chart. Profit Monster is my current hero. He trades on Forex and I follow him. Average profit is about 2% per month. It’s good.

  11. As a trader, what really got me hooked is probably the vast array of trading instruments with some awesome quotes

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